Things To DoBe Part of the Community

constructing a polytunnel for Stronsay Markets.

Fancy helping to build a polytunnel in the snow with Roger at Stronsay Markets?

Community Tourism

Thinking about coming to Stronsay on holiday? Why not do something a bit different and immerse yourself in the community? Stronsay is leading the way in highlighting community tourism in Orkney. The Visit Stronsay tourism group has partnered with SCOTO (Scottish Community Tourism) to promote a different kind of visit, a holiday that makes a difference (to you and to the community) in more ways than one. When you stay or eat at the Stronsay Hotel, the Fishmart Cafe and Hostel or Storehouse Bed and Breakfast, when you shop at Ebenezer Stores or Olivebank, when you visit and purchase locally made crafts or items from other local businesses, you are helping to promote the sustainability and resilience of the Stronsay community and “investing in the landscape, culture, people and future”.  Adopting SCOTO’s approach, the Visit Stronsay Group encourages you to come to Stronsay not just as a tourist but as a “temporary local”. We want you to understand and share the pride we have in this place, with its rich heritage and its fascinating landscape, flora and fauna. We hope that by spending time here as a temporary local, you’ll grow in your respect for our way of life and better understand our joys and our struggles.

How to Join In
A printmaking workshop held on Stronsay.

Why not join in an art workshop while you’re visiting?

Depending on your skills and interests, there are a number of ways you can join in with Stronsay locals while you are here. Not only are most events open to anyone and everyone, but some individuals and businesses will welcome you to be part of their daily activities.  Roger at Stronsay Markets would quite happily add you to the team for the day to work alongside him in the garden or one of his polytunnels. Roger also offers photography sessions and themed walks through his Stronsay Photographic business. If crafting is your thing, why not join the weekly group at the Craftship Enterprise or the monthly Stitchers group that meets in the Moncur Memorial Church hall? If you arrive at the time an art workshop is being held on the island, you may be able to book a space to join in. Maybe you fancy learning something new–like soapmaking or dyeing or spinning wool. Would you just like a chance to sit and speak about life on Stronsay one on one or with a small group? Gatherings like the Playgroup, the Peedie Library or the Companions give you a chance to share a cuppa and speak with others. Or you could contact the Visit Stronsay Group to help arrange a gathering.

Support community tourism and come to Stronsay with the mindset of becoming a “temporary local”. It’s a great way to get a real flavour for island life.