Things To DoAdmire Stronsay’s Arts & Crafts

During your visit, take time to admire Stronsay’s arts and crafts. The landscape of Stronsay has inspired many creative artists. Several of these have workshops which welcome visitors and form the Stronsay Craft Trail. Products from other makers can be found for sale in the Fish Mart Cafe.
The following artists have agreed to open their workshops to visitors as part of the Craft Trail:
  • Airy Fairy creates colourful personalised baby quilts, gifts and children’s clothes.
  • Craftship Enterprise, housed in an old chapel built in 1837, has a well-stocked craft shop and holds weekly meetings on a Thursday, where visitors can join residents for a relaxing afternoon making a variety of projects.
  • Marion Miller Jewellery produces unique, hand-crafted silver and gemstone jewellery.
  • Orkney Star Island Soap produces natural soaps and balms infused with a little ‘island magic’ and hand-spun yarns and textiles.
  • Selkie Glass makes beautiful fused and stained glass work. Commissions welcome.
  • The Wyrd Weaver makes beautifully handwoven rustic folk-art textiles and whimsical characters.
To view a map locating these crafters on the Stronsay Craft Trail, click here.
The following artists do not yet have workshops that can be visited, but they do have crafts for sale in the Fish Mart Cafe:

Holmsgarth Crafts makes colourful bags and other gifts that can be personalised, as well as seasonal items which are beautifully embroidered.

Aurora Waves produces handcrafted items reflecting the Stronsay environment, including beautifully turned pens.

The Wyrd Weaver, mentioned above, also has some items for sale at the Fish Mart Cafe.

Please scroll down the page to find details of individual artists.

Craftship Enterprise

The Craftship has a well-stocked craft shop and holds weekly meetings on a Thursday, where visitors can join residents for a relaxing afternoon making a variety of projects. It can also arrange crafting ‘get aways’ for a hen party/celebration with friends and family where you can try out a range of craft skills while discovering the peace and beauty of the ‘Island of Bays’.

Marion Miller Jewellery
Jewellery designed and made on Stronsay by Swedish jeweller Marion Miller. Marion’s jewellery is inspired by the sea and shores of Stronsay and incorporates unique pieces made in silver with vitreous enamel and semi-precious gemstones. Marion’s workshop at her home is open to visitors by appointment. Here you can see Marion at work and view a range of her jewellery. Please visit Marion’s informative and extensive website for further information or if you have any queries. 
Airy Fairy

Airy Fairy is a colourful and fun visit. The welcoming and cosy studio stocks an exclusive range of beautifully hand-made items and gifts, including a small range childrens’ clothes. Personalised items such as quilts and cushions can be commissioned to order.

There is also a wonderful range of patchwork fabric in stock, making the studio a must-visit for any keen stitchers. Studio visitors are very welcome, but it’s best to contact Hazel first to arrange a day/time. Please be aware that studio access is via steep stairs. Masks must be worn, and sanitiser is provided.

During summer months, the studio provides a self service cuppa counter for island and studio visitors. Please feel free to fill up your travel mugs or make a cuppa from the selection of drinks provided. Assorted biscuits are also available. There’s no charge, but donations are welcome. Seating is available outside for anyone who’d like to enjoy a break with their cuppa.

Orkney Star Island Soap

Vistors will be able to view and purchase hand-crafted soaps, shampoo bars, solid conditioners, balms, as well as an exciting and unique range of my hand-spun yarns and textile work.

Phone or email before visiting to avoid disappointment. Please wear face covering and utilise hand- sanitiser. Your compliance in respecting these requests is greatly appreciated.

The Wyrd Weaver

Keeping the Olde Ways Alive

Handcrafted woven and stitched textiles, rustic folk art, cloth dolls and primitives, inspired by nature and the Wheel of the Year

The Wyrd Weaver extends a warm welcome to visitors at the hearth of her studio, situated in an old stone building at Newbigging on Stronsay.  Here she spins fine yarns from natural fibres and the wool of native sheep breeds on spinning-wheels and a variety of hand spindles, which she is happy to demonstrate. Hand weaving on two wooden looms, inspired by colours and textures of nature, The Wyrd Weaver makes unique pieces for use in the home, along with some accessories and wearables. She is currently working on designs for garments inspired by examples of ancient Northern European prehistoric textiles and hopes these will be available in the future.

In addition to her homespun and handwoven creations the Wyrd Weaver designs and makes a range of hand-crafted stitched textiles, including her unique range of pagan wheel-of-the-year Goddess Wallhangings, Decorative Cloth Dolls and Primitive Folk Art, together with hand-appliqued Stronsay Cushions and Keepsake Folders.

Open from 2-5pm most days May-September just drop by the studio. Please note it is very small and can only accommodate a couple of people inside at a time. Cash sales only, as the studio has no internet for card payments.

Selkie Glass

Working from her home studio, Rosalind takes inspiration from the Stronsay scenery as she creates lovely items in stained and fused glass and incorporates local flora using a fossil vitrea technique. She has a limited stock of coasters, pendants, and light catchers, but also takes commissions as time permits. As Rosalind is often summoned away during the summer to practise other skills on archaeological dig sites, her workshop is not generally opened to visitors. Some of her work can be found at Airy Fairy, but she’s most easily found through her Facebook page.

Holmsgarth Crafts

Handmade gifts with personal details, tote bags, masks and much more, including seasonal gifts. Some items are available for purchase at the Fishmart Cafe.

Aurora Waves Orkney

All of Aurora Waves artisan creations are made uniquely by hand in Orkney. They are individually designed taking inspiration from the beauty of the nature and coasts that surround this stunning Archipelago. They make treasured gifts and mementos.