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The many large houses that can still be seen in the main village of Whitehall testify to a prosperous past when Stronsay was the centre of the Scottish herring fishing industry.

From the 18th century right up to the outbreak of the second world war, the seasonal influx of workers would see the population swell to as many as 5,000 and the boats queuing to unload their cargoes were so numerous it was possible to walk across their decks to the isle of Papa Stronsay without ever getting your feet wet!

Those days may be long gone, but the memory of Stronsay’s illustrious past lives on at the village’s excellent pop-up Heritage Centre, an absolute must for any visitor. The safe harbour still remains a popular stopping off point for boats and yachts sailing around Orkney.

Orkney’s fine musical tradition is safe and well in the hands of Stronsay’s Silver Darlings, a mixed group of accomplished adult musicians and budding child prodigies plucked from the local school. Regular performers at the Orkney Folk Festival and much in demand for events across the North Isles, the Silver Darlings have now released 4 CDs of their own special brand of traditional music.

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