Life On Stronsay

Living on the Orkney island of Stronsay could not be further removed from the 24/7 hustle and bustle of city and commuter life. Stronsay’s 300 residents work together to maintain a tight knit community with a rich social and cultural life underpinned by a sense of place, freedom and self-sufficiency that many city dwellers frustrated with the frenetic pace of modern life can only dream about.

There are various opportunities to be actively involved with the community. Many have more than one job – farmers run taxi services and teachers serve as lifeguards. Others run their own businesses and volunteer in community groups, teach music or make craft products. Facilities for locals are outstanding, including a medical centre, Healthy Living Centre, bank, post office, a Church of Scotland church and Catholic chapel, a diverse collection of local shops, a community centre, a mobile library and an excellent Junior High School (with swimming pool). The school is unusual in taking children from nursery age all the way up to 16, with the option for the children to move on to Kirkwall Grammar School on mainland Orkney from the age of 13.

For every family and individual, Stronsay life is full and active on a safe and beautiful island, free from the stresses of modern life. Here are some of their stories…

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the Whiteman Family story

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"During the 5 years that we have lived here, our boys have grown and developed into confident and secure little people… we have no regrets at making this beautiful island paradise our new and forever home."

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